XF 1.1 Can't delete threads even as a superadmin

Hi everyone,

I have a new XenForo. Its address is not even known to public, because I want to make sure everything works, before online release.

The problem is, I can't delete threads created by other users (to those created by myself it works), even as the first admin user, generated during install, who has access to admin panel.

I checked all possible permissions for my user, set everything possible to Allow, and still nothing. I thought it could be because a non-english language installed, so I switched to English, with no effect.

This is really frustrating. I also can't OPEN a closed topic (but I can close one, or move it to a non-public category)... But I Can UNDELETE them (it doesn't make anything to the thread at all)


The user, who created the thread is from a new generated group (Staff), which also has all possible permissions.

Can anyone help me and tell why is it impossible to delete such a thread?
As you can see on the screen from the attachment above - there is simply no such option to delete or open a thread. To be honest I wouldn't find it out, but I accidentally closed one topic, and then couldn't do anything with it. Then I wasted 2 hours on checking all possible permissions, and now I'm out of ideas.


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Just curious what happens when you use Thread tools from inside that thread, can you delete it through that dropdown box?

(Be reading the thread -> Click Thread Tools)
here you go with a screen (I closed this topic, and its weird that as an admin I can't reply or open it)

I checked all privileges in admin panel, again, and have all possible in all groups I am in (admin/moderator/staff)


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And you're positive under user group permissions you have this checked underneath Forum Moderator Permissions:

Delete thread by anyone: to GREEN (Allow)

For your group of course*, is it set to never in any of your other groups?
yes, no single group has "Never" checked. I have also removed myself from any other group and am only in the Admin group.


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You need to verify a couple of things:
1. You are a moderator, and not just in the moderator group (Admin CP -> Users - Moderators). Also make sure you have all permissions ticked off there
2. Check that you are a member of the moderator group, and that the moderator group has the proper permissions for deleting posts
3. Check to see if you have revoked deleting permissions on nodes

The general idea is that you set permissions on a group level, and then it just inherits on node level.
I finally found the problem. But it seems a little like a XenForo bug.

As I have written before I have created some public forums, and one non-public for the staff only. To view this forum you would have to be in Staff User group. Staff and Admin groups were set to have all possible permissions (generally).

However in the non-public forum Node Tree permissions for Admin, and Moderators groups had all radioboxes set as Inherit (this is a default value). The Staff had "Lock / unlock threads" and "Hard-delete thread by anyone selected" as Never.

As an admin i was in Admin and Staff groups.

It would be ok, if those permissions worked only inside the non-public forum, which they were specifically setup to.

But it seems those permissions for one specific Node were somehow overriding the general group permission, so I couldnt delete threads anywhere. After setting those permissions to Allow in admin user group for the one specific non-public node, I can also delete threads in all other public forums. Weird, isn't it?


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It is not a bug, it is how it works. Never means never, and it will override any higher tier permission you have. If you want to revoke a permission, you use revoke.
oh, i haven't thougt, that "never" for the specific forum and group means also never globally for all other forums and higher groups.

Thank you for your replies!


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oh, i haven't thougt, that "never" for the specific forum and group means also never globally for all other forums and higher groups.

Thank you for your replies!
If you do node specific (forum), they apply to that node (and any child nodes), if you are doing user group permissions, those are global. For example, you have a category called XYZ, and a forum in that category called ZYX. If you go to permissions on the category, and for example put view node to registered to Never, any member of the registered group will not be able to see that node, cause you have said they aren't allowed to. Instead, use Revoke, this you can override with Allow. If you did it with Post new thread (set it to never), any member of registered group would not be able to post in the child forum ZYX.

It might seem counter productive or unintuitive, but they are actually very easy to work with, once you grasp the concept. Read more: