XF 1.4 Cant create thread


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One forum on my board isn't accepting new threads. All the permissions show that that new topics can be made. I've posted threads in other forums with identical permissions just fine.

When someone goes to create a new thread, the loading bar appears in the corner for a second and then goes away. No thread created.


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This problem still persists every once in a while. Right now nobody can post new threads in a single forum.

Does anyone have recommended php.ini settings or another fix for this?


XenForo developer
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We'd need an actual error message to make any further recommendations. Check your XenForo server error log or, if nothing is there that's relevant, you may need to see if something is logged in your server's own error logging (your host may be able to help here).

I would recommend confirming the issue with all add-ons disabled though.