XF 2.2 Cannot use <script> or <iframe> anywhere.


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Hello, each attempt I make at using any <script> or <iframe> in html, anywhere, results in the following error:
Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console.

This is particularly irritatating, as I cannot setup adsense, embed youtube videos, or do hardly any serious html work.

Please help, thank you.
Just to add a bit of input for other people experiencing similar problems, we were getting the dreaded 403 Forbidden error trying to update templates.

The file permissions were all correct and we weren't running ModSecurity or similar, no php errors were being logged either.

The culprit in our case was that we were running the WordFence (Wordpress addon) firewall in its full protection mode and it was picking up SCRIPT tags in the templates as it was pre-parsing all PHP posts.

Being part of the Wordpress as opposed to Xenforo installation I wasn't even considering it so it had me tearing what is left out of my hair out trying to solve it.
I encountered that as well about a year ago. The fix is to disable the "Optimize Wordfence Firewall" option that uses the auto_prepend_file php option.

Do this for any setup where you have Wordpress and Xenforo on the same domain, with one either in a subfolder or in a subdomain.


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