Cannot Post New Threads

Hi, I have to ask the question here as this is one of two boards here (Xenforo) where I can post. Everywhere else I have "insufficient privileges".

OK, I'm new to Xenforo, but not a complete idiot. I have setup Xenforo (my own site) and created "nodes" and child nodes.

I am an administrator and have allowed administrator to the node full access. However, when I log into the front end I cannot post a new thread?

Also, I registered a new user and that user has the same problem? Cannot create new threads.

This is the same for ALL the nodes.

@trilogy33 - I don't have that option? Are you referring to: Applications --> Node Permissions? Or somewhere else?

@Brogan - I've done that :)


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I would recommend reading the permissions section of the manual first:

This is definitely a permission related issue. Most likely you have a Never set somewhere, if the members are in multiple usergroups, or a Not Set (No).

Check the Registered usergroup first to see what is set there.
I've read up on the permissions and all seems to be fine. Not made any major changes except for explicitly granted permissions to no success. Basically it's just a standard installation.

@trilogy33 - Thanks for that screen cap, but I don't have that option?? See attached.

@Brogan - could it be because of my license? It was set to the root domain but actually resides in a /members folder. I've updated it accordingly now.



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No, the physical location of the forum is irrelevant.

If you like I can take a look?

BTW, that screenshot above is for a category, not a forum. You can't post in a category.
Aaaghhh. Gotcha!

Sorry, new to setting up forums. So basically...

Catagories define the top levels, that cannot be posted on.
Forums actually are where you can post and reply to :)

You create "forums" under categories - right?

I'll have a play about. Thanks guys for the help :)


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Use the moderators tools - either from within the thread (Thread Tools - Edit Thread) or from the thread list.