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I have a sudden problem with uploading images to my forum. I’m on latest 2.2 on shared hosting. There are already images posted from earlier times, this has just started happening recently.

The only error I get is:

“Oops, we ran into some problems.“ Nothing else, no code or anything else.

Same with jpg, gif, png files. Small, medium or large size. My file size upload in Php.ini is set to 15mb, but most of my images to upload are 3-5mb.

I don’t even know where to start, or troubleshoot. I’ve tried in Edge on desktop and Safari on mobile, as both used to work. I’m sure it’s a setting somewhere, so any tips or guidance appreciated. Thanks!


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Something must have changed with the hosting environment for the problem to start occurring.

XF software doesn't just randomly stop working.
Check your hosting panel, maybe your disk (hosting) quota is full, which is the most logic explanation for this kind of problem.
Otherwise best ask your host for support or to check what is going on.
So here's where I'm at on this................. It's definitely something on Cloudflare. As luck would have it, I lost my iPhone 2 days ago! I cannot get to my Authenticator apps for 2FA to sign in to troubleshoot! It'll be tomorrow before I can get another phone, though. So what I did was pointed the nameservers back to my host's IP addresses, bypassing Cloudflare. Posting images again works great! Thanks again!
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