Can you run an SQL Update with an array?


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Okay... I have an array with the following keys and values:
// [$key] => $value
[SIZE=4][FONT=Times New Roman]Array ([/FONT][/SIZE]
	[1] => 1
	[2] => 10 
	[3] => 1 
	[4] => 20 
	[5] => 1

I would like to run an update on SQL, and set each key (category_id) to the value (category_order). Basically an arrayed version of the following:
UPDATE EWRmedio_category
SET category_order = $value
WHERE category_id = $key

Yes, I know I could run a foreach loop, and update each individually, but that would add 5 queries, and possibly more as I add more categories. I like to do things as efficiently as possible. Now if the keys and values were in their own arrays ($keys and $values, respectively), would it be possible to run this update code using the arrays?
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