XF 2.2 Can you build a relation with an array column?


New member
Let's say I have an entity which has a values column with arrays (represented by a string in the DB):

[12345, 6789, 25421]

Now, is it possible to check whether a value from another entity - for example, 12345 - is inside the array and build a relation?
So for example, I create a new entity and it automatically pulls up another entity whose id for example is included in the array of the first entity - how could you express that relation?

I always end up with

'conditions' => [
    ['id', '=', '$values' ],

("take the id and check whether it is in this entity's column called values") but it doesn't work...

Is what I'm attempting even possible or is it better to build another table that connects all ids with values from the array?