Can you buy the LD link Directory and make it 1st party addon


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equally as important as the media gallery many of us use @au lait add-on , he has stated that he's not planning on porting to xf2 this is not good, and may force me to IPS because its such a big part of my site , would love you xf to make it first party and add a top list to it

Chris D

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There's no plans to purchase any 3rd party products and bring them into the core, especially if the developer themselves don't want to port them over, for some reason.
Seems like a fairly harsh answer to the question of updating it for XF2. Also a fairly confusing answer, considering there's so many new tools in XF2 which would make the porting of it over to XF2 a much easier job than it would have been to write it for XF1 in the first place (tools which make nested category sets easier to produce, easier content permission support, a new generic payment/purchasable framework, lots of shared code to make prefixes and custom fields easier, widget system, and no doubt much more).


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so sad, i am so sad,

i can't upgrade without au liat's link directroy, sirpou's ads manager, credit's add-on & xenforo's media gallery

it doesn't really matter at the moment because i'm wasn't planning on upgrading to 2.0 anytime soon,
i'll stay with 1.5 for a couple more years, but now with au liat saying he wont port over,
it's another reason not to even think about upgrading to 2.0

thats why im learning php so i can make my own add-ons, time to take things in my own hands

i got 3 years to learn php, wish me luck

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Matthew S

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If you guys want this link directory add-on so much, why not fund a developer to make one? It happens all the time. I believe some forum owners pay for it to be made and then sell licenses to help recoup their costs.

Tracy Perry

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If nothing else, why not offer to purchase the existing code from the developer mentioned by @DieselMinded in the OP and then turn it over to another developer to convert to XF2 and then they could sell that if it's that big of a money maker (which I honestly doubt it is and could possibly be the reason that the developer is not porting it over).