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Can Xinforo support vote down user functionality?

1. Can Xinforo or an add-on allow forum users to "vote-down" or vote-up" other users? I would like to allow forum members to get one "vote-down" every 24 hours automatically they can use or not use. I would also like people who are voted down below 0 likes to be "frozen" from posting until it regenerates (like you gain 5 vote-ups a day until you hit 0 again).

2. Can Xinforo or an add-on support a forum point system? This would essentially function as a currency for forum activity. These forum points would be regenerated over-time and have custom uses for forum activity. Thanks.

3. Does Xinforo or an add-on support a "favorite forum" or favorite topic" functionality that streamlines peoples forums in a concise fashion? I would like to integrate this with a profile view page. Thanks.
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1. So a self moderating karma system? That's not in XenForo by default, there might be an add-on for it.

2. There is a trophy system in XenForo, but if you want a credits and points shop, that's not in XenForo. There are quite a few add-ons for this, though.

3. An add-on might do, it's not in the core though.