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Hey guys,

I'm currently running a private forum with a self-hosted copy of Vanilla forums. It does an ok job, but I'm ready to make a change to something more feature rich. That said, I hav a couple specific requirements, and I browsing through here and the site I didn't see the exact answers I needed.

  • Do you have a Wordpress embed feature. Meaning can I embed the forum into an iframe basically so that my Wordpress navigation all stays the same.
  • Is there an add on that integrate with Wishlist Member to have one seamless login between both the Wordpress site and forum
  • Do you have a service that can migrate from Vanilla, and setup with Wishlist/Wordpress etc.
Any answers to these questions would be really appreciated!
You are best to repost all these questions on
Jamie @ could help you. ( - login integration - style integration. Note: style integration is better than iframe, albeit quite a bit harder.

Does the wordpress plugin allow people to log in via wordpress and have them automatically be logged into Xenforo? I use wordpress with Wishlist Member plugin and wordpress needs to be in control of the access and manage user logins. Do you know of a plugin that does this? Seems like all the plugins make people login via Xenforo then have them be logged into Wordpress. How about just syncing both logins simultaneously?
Deep ... did you try XF + Wishlist member ?
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