Can Xenforo do this? noob question


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Im new with forum.. i was asked to create forum by my site visitors.. basically its about fans n celebrities.

First of all.. i dont know the different between forum and discussion.. i do know threads vs. posts.

Im talking about the main discussion like screenshot below: Is it "forum" or "discussion"? Lets just call it a"Discussion"

My questions:
1. Can i create thousands "Discussion"? But i don't want to show all of them on the mainpage.. that would be long scrolling-down. Only top 20 selected/popular celebrities shows up on the mainpage.

How to manage this since there's no pagination on the mainpage?

2. Can each "Discussion" have different header image?? lets say.. Shakira discussion has the header-image of shakira.. Britney Spears Discussion has the header-image of britney.. and so on.

3. Anyone can read posts/threads, but before posting into discussion.. a member must be a fan of that particular celeb/discussion..

Are these features already available in the core? Or should i hire xenforo developer? thx


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discussion = thread
Same thing, different name.
im talking about the one with bubble icon.. in other forums usually they use folder icon. is that also called thread?

i dont know how to display it on main hompage.. since theres gonna be thousands of those and no pagination(?).

Like this forum..
but.. instead of break it down into female artist, male artist.. I want to just display all artists in the main homepage. But i dont want a long scrolling.. Can this be done?
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The lines with the bubble icon in front of them in that image would be called nodes.

You would need something custom to display a unique image in the header per currently viewed node.

As far as the nodes in the list and displaying thousands of them simultaneously, the only way I can think of to have all display at the same time and not have a ridiculously long scroll down is to modify the styling of the nodelist and each node down to a click-able placeholder image maybe of the artist for each respective node.