XF 2.2 Can {{xen:link or {{ link('misc/style' be used in Notices?


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In the Notice system you can add html but it seems to not parse the {{xen:link or {{ link('misc/style' syntax.
Is it supported there?


I don't believe notices support functions.

You can just use regular HTML to form the link.
No, notices doesn't support XenForo template syntax. If you need - you can just insert link "as is", as noticed Brogan.
Thanks for the replies.

I need to include, I believe, the xfr token.
I need a link to look like this: http://qa.landcruiserclub.net/commu...t=1622218817,e0ba6792f0d259b8345bbca457790552

I have a menu item and notice which has a link to allow the use to choose their country customisation. I want it to "auto-save" which only seems to happen when I have the t=bla in.

Might there be a better way to allow someone to select their style? (other than the select-style in the footer :) )

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