XF 2.2 Can we redirect the "stop-receiving-these-emails" link?


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At the bottom of every email notification is a "stop-receiving-these-emails" link:


That link takes them to this page:


1-stop emails.JPG

Is there a way to redirect them to their preferences page instead?



I just feel the preference page gives them more option to fine tune their emails.

Or, does that only unsubscribe them from that specific conversation, or all conversations?

The problem with your proposed approach is that the default email-stop link does not require the user to log in whereas sending them to the preferences page would require the user to log in.

Users generally expect these days for unsubscribing from emails to be as frictionless as possible and this helps a great deal in avoiding your domain being added to spam blacklists because some users would rather report you for spam than jump through hoops - particularly if it's an old account and they can't remember their log in details.

In this particular example the first option will simply uncheck the "Receive email when a new conversation message is received" option which will affect all conversations. The second option unsubscribes the user from all emails, which will uncheck all of the email options in your screenshot and disable email notifications for existing "watched" content.
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