Can we please get our website url under our avatars on here


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how many times do people request someones website? , if its not in their signature. I think its a good idea to have licensed url under avatar and it will help with some of the nulled sites too.

Brent W

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You don't even have yours listed in your profile or it would show under the Kitchen Sink style.


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i didn't even know there was another style thanks, still think it should go off your license
License account and forum are separate. You can have many licenses and you can have multiple forum users per license. It could result in mess.

Better keep it as it is - url from forum profile.

Chris D

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Also not everyone wants their URL to be known. We have to respect that wish rather than forcibly publishing it for all to see.

Therefore as it is the user's personal choice, there are already ways to do this. There's a home page URL section. There's also the About section and Signature.