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Xon submitted a new resource:

Can Warn Staff - Allow moderators and administrators to be warned.

Allow moderators and administrators to be warned.

AdminCP access can obviously bypass any warning issued, and warnings themselves can be edited or deleted depending on permissions for the user.

Introduces 7 new permissions:
  • Give moderators warnings directly.
  • Give administrators warnings directly.
  • Delete all warnings for Moderators.
  • Delete all warnings for Administrators.
  • Prevent posts being warned.
  • Prevent being directly warned.
  • Prevent profile posts being...

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I installed your plugin. The news feed and the last activity are empty. I disabled the plugin. Messages appeared in the news feed and in the last activity. Sorry, I do not know English well, I use an online translator.
Thread Reply Bans on staff are specifically what I was looking for, but it seems like it doesn't merge well with thread owner permissions. Hmm.

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