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Well I a problem.

I have members that are good and some times screw up so they have to be issued warnings and then sometimes banned. The problem. They see who sends the warnings they may not hate the staff but they can hate how they get a warnings and go over board and send that staff members a message saying "this is sh*t" or "fu" and get them banned for hating on staff and or it can make them look down on that staff members.

How to solve it:
I think when editing the warning's in admin panel you should enable it to where members can see witch staff sent them a warning or the owner can make a new account name let's say "System" and they can fill in a blank of a name of a user that sends the warning. There for there is no flaming and or we can make "System" have messages block so they can not reply. This could reduce member banning staff flaming and can look more pro and keep the staff and member safe.
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In a way, it's a good idea. But most members who wouldn't deserve to be banned for bad behavior, wouldn't react in such an immature and negative way. Just my two cents
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