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XF 1.1 Can the images be inserted during import?


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I have searched without finding anything so I dare to ask - again(n)

I have imported my old phpBB3 forum and the result is almost perfect.

This is a board for photographers and the images in the posts are important for the visual impression.

In this example the photos are in the post:


And in the new Xenforo they are just in the bottom as this:


It will take me so long time to do this manually with all posts - any suggestions?

- If not, will there be any way to make the attachments show up in the nice viewer instead of a new blank page?

All the best


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Ask Jake.
I've seen him do this before ... as a [Paid] request.
Different circumstance though.
That could be the solution - thanks for the suggestion.
I searched for Jake and found only one who has not been active for a long time?

Though I will wait a moment to see, if anything smart shows up.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
In looking at the source code of that thread in XenForo, I don't see any code where the image should be. Can you edit that post and tell me if there is any code where the image was inlined? For example, XenForo uses the [ATTACH][/ATTACH] tag in the post to inline the image at a specific point.

Assuming there is some inline attachment tag that is present in imported posts then it should be possible to update them so they work in XenForo.


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Damn - So I will have to do it manually?

Would it be better for me to wait a few weeks or months - if some nice tool comes up, or do you guys think that will not happen in the near future?

But anyway Mike, Jake and Digital Doctor - thanks a lot for taking your time to help me.
I really appreciate the fast and good support I always get in here.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't think it's likely that a tool will appear for it. If it did, it would probably be part of the import process itself (as it couldn't be done afterwards).


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Okay Mike - thanks. Then I will start the manual work;)
A last question: Are there any way to show the attachments in a nice viewer like the inserted photos - instead of opening in a blank window?
Then I could maybe skip some of the posts. Just can't wait to launch the new forum.


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My fault - it was because I tested as a guest. Everything worked when I logged in. Sorry for taking your time.
Thanks for your help again Brogan.

Now I have a lot of work ahead of me - inserting images into posts ;)
I don't think it's likely that a tool will appear for it. If it did, it would probably be part of the import process itself (as it couldn't be done afterwards).
I finished last night the modification of the phpbb3 import script to convert inline images and attachments into xenforo inline ones. I agree it was not easy and needed a lot of brainfu* and detours but its working fine now. I did a application package of it. Anyone interested in it?