can the height of the photos be flexible ?


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I am just wondering:

currently, the image-size is set to 300px by 300px by default.


Could I set the width of the image to 300px and having the height of the image variable ?
So that each image has a different height based on decreasing the image to a width of 300px ?

the photo-dimensions will not be "square", but rectangular.

Chris D

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No, that isn't possible.

You can have a different height for thumbnails (hence, portrait or landscape thumbnails) but it applies globally to all images.

Chris D

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That's the kind of effect you're describing and that's something that isn't included (nor planned currently). It would require code changes as well to produce thumbnails that aren't cropped and maintain the original aspect ratio. Basically, it would require an add-on and custom development.

Joe Link

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Has anything changed in this regard? I'd really like to update the look of XFMG to something more modern to fit the rest of the site.