Can Route Filter Do This?

Is it possible for route filters to alter the URLs such that:
  • /resources/authors/brogan.521/ ---> /members/brogan.521/resources/
  • /resources/categories/add-ons.28/ ---> /resources/add-ons.28/
  • /media/users/brogan.521/ ---> /members/brogan.521/media/
  • /media/users/brogan.521/albums ---> /members/brogan.521/media/albums/
  • /media/categories/forum-showcase.2/ ---> /media/forum-showcase.2/


XenForo developer
Staff member
The answer is sort of. Some are possible and some are not.

Your category examples aren't possible because they're ambiguous. They conflict with existing URLs so it's not possible to tell what's what.

Moving things into members/ is viable as it doesn't appear that those URLs are used. So something like resources/authors/{user}/ -> members/{user}/resources should work, for example.