Can I use older versions?

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I'm in the market for buying XenForo for my minecraft server forums. But what I want to know is, will I be able to use an old version of XenForo which is compatible with XenPorta, Plugins from WMTech and so on? I think the 2016 releases would work well with the plugins, I'd also want to use the ribbons add-on for my forums. Essentially I'm looking for a version of XenForo which can do this []

Tracy Perry

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You can use any version you can download with an active license. Some of those older versions may have security issues in them that were fixed in later versions, and may not even have any security updates (patches) available for them.
Should I be worried if someone gave me their copy of XenForo and I'm using it? @Brogan and I cannot install any plugins using that because I don't have the verification codes for WMTech plugins?


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As you are using unlicensed software, no further support will be provided until you purchase a license.
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