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XF 2.0 Can I stop search engines from seeing content on my site?

As mentioned previously, I've got some upcoming regulatory hurdles since my forum is gun related. I cannot have anyone be able to access technical data who is not a US resident. I've made all forums private so only members can access the information, but I still have search engines displaying snippets of content. I need that to stop.
If the content isn't accessible to guests then search engines won't have access to it.
Is it possible that it will be cached into the search engines for some time? The reason I ask is I've completely disabled guest access already, but Google is still displaying snippets of threads in search results.
If it previously indexed the pages, then yes, they may store/display cached results for some time.
Thanks for the clarification. I assumed that was the case. When denying permission to the guest user group, do I want to use the "never" setting?