Can I setup a a xenforo free landing page with a paid xenforo membership forum?

Can I setup a xenforo free landing page with a paid xenforo forum? Basically when the user first arrives to my xenforo forum site he is presented with a free landing page on which he can click a button to subscribe to the forum and pay at the same time through paypal. Or he can choose not to subscribe. Can this be done?


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The standard setup would involve the user registering and then purchasing an account upgrade (which would allow them access), so the standard flow doesn't really do what you're looking for. I think there are other "membership software" packages that may allow that flow (separate from XF), though I couldn't recommend a particular one.
Thanks whynot for your reply. Can I set it up so that when the first time the user comes to the forum he will be able to access a free locked posting that tells him the benefits of registering and paying and then when he registers and upgrades with a payment he will see the other threads in the forum?