XF 1.5 Can I save all my modifications?


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I have been very lazy and clumsy so far while modifying templates and style properties. I just opened the template I wanted to modify (for both XF core and add-ons), and modify wherever I liked.

Now, when I am thinking to update XF and few add-ons, it knocks me that I might loose some of the modifications. I read XF has the system to merge changes for any updated template, but I am not sure if that's true for add-ons as well.

So, I have two questions:
1) Can I save all my modifications somehow? I have the full list of modification in the customized components section.
2) Will the modifications for add-on templates be merged as well, like the XF core?



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use the template modification system.

ACP -> Appearance -> Template Modifications.

Search on here for more info on how to use it. If used correctly, your modifications wont be overwritten by updates.


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Oh, you mean there are differences between using Template Modifications and "open and modify" template in ACP? I had the impression that they are the same :(.


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Regardless whether the template modification system is used or not, edited templates will not be overwritten when upgrading.

You will be notified of outdated templates and can use the merge feature.