XF 1.4 Can I do this?

can I copy the table xf_node where I have all my categories and forums to the database of a new installed copy so that the new installed forum got all the categories and forums to safe time.

So I backup xf_node table from the db and reinstall the forum and after import the xf_node table

I hope that I am clear.


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Create the categories, etc. then take a backup and use that as the template.

Be aware that you need a separate license for each installation.
But what I want is that when I import the db that i keep the member join date from the new install. Or am I able to change the join date by changing the Unix timestamp? I know it sounds maybe weird but I like to have a brand new looking forum and when I create the first post as the admin it got the date of that particular day. I was able to change installation/ admin join date from MyBB.
So changing the timestamp in xf_user, xf_user_change_log, xf_user_profile is not recommended? I just don't like that when I install a forum and configure it that it takes 2 days before I think it looks good enough to "open the doors"

But so far I am very happy with xenforo and I definitely don't regret buying it :D