XF 1.1 Can I do this with forum permissions.


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I am hoping @Brogan might be able to help but anyone would be great.

I am trying to figure out how to / or if I can even do this.

Is it possible with the permissions system to set up where a registered user could posts in a specific forum but it only be visible to that poster and a moderator of that forum.

I have a forum called "appeal your ban" (for my game servers) and I need to restrict this in a better way because sometimes people make an appeal and before I get to it or someone else the other parties who made the ban then get into an online debate about it and I do not want that.

Any help would be appreciated


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We have something like it setup for our ticket system on our site.

Whichever node you want make it private:


Then make it so the Registered group has permissions like this:

Then admins or whichever group you want to "review" the bans:


There might be an easier way or different but this will allow the user to view only his threads that he made and of course administrators have full access on it.


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You could also set individual user permissions instead of group permissions for the allowed to view other threads. This means you explicitly state which users can reply. Other than that, Russ' method is the only real way.