XF 2.1 Can I allow a user to create an new account, and take them to a specific URL?


I have many links to my forum on external sites. If a registered user is logged out and follows one of these links they are prompted to log in, and then taken to the correct page - this makes perfect sense.

However, if they are NOT registered and they follow the "Register Now" flow they are NOT taken to the correct page (they instead go to some strange generic welcome page which is not helpful)

Is there any way to allow a new user to register and get to the page that matches the link they clicked? Basically, I would like the flow to be the same as for pre-registered users, with the additional "create account" form in the middle...
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For clarity, I don't want to send all new users to a SINGLE different / custom welcome page... that's easy.

What I want is to send them to one of 100+ pages that match an external link they may have clicked
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