call anyone in the us via your Gmail account


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Awesome feature! Just found this out. It should save me a lot of my minutes through sprint (I only have 200min/month). It says it's free in the US for 2010 ... I wonder what will happen after that.

I just called my cell and the # was a 760 area code. I can see a lot of abuse for this. What do you guys think?


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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. When did this start? I've had Google Voice for a while, and that allows you to make free calls within the US, but it's kind of pointless as you have to have an existing phone for it to work.

Now, if only I could connect my Google Voice number to this, and have it so that any calls to my Voice number also ring online in the app, then the cycle will be complete and I will be a happy beta tester for Google Wiretapping™. :D

EDIT: OMG. My dream has come true.
If you have a Google Voice phone number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. And if you decide to, you can receive calls made to this number right inside Gmail (see instructions).
I... I... uh... WOW. :D


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This was talked about a few weeks ago as well; it has been in planning for a while.

Google Voice is one of my favorite online services, and I've had an account since it first opened up under the company they bought it from. 

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Yer, seen this the other day when I opened my gmail. Immediately checked it out and its pretty super cheap. I would put it at lower rates than most calling cards offer, especially the major between countries calls. The majority of those are around $0.02 per minute... Its only the smaller places it gets a bit more, though a comparison shows some pretty solid call rates.

I think Google will do better at things like this, ie. integrations with existing major products they own so much space on, than new ventures such as that Google Wave... and even Google Talk was a bit of a flop, even though integrated into gmail. Difficult to get people shifting from ICQ, MSN, Skype, etc... just because its Google. This though... this is way out left field and I see a lot of potential from this little beauty.


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There are a few rates that were a bit higher than my carrier, but it does work well, and the functions are all good.


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I just tried this and it works flawlessly. Called a cell phone in the US, the quality was excellent, and it showed my Google Voice number as the incoming number. We talked, hung up, the person called my Google Voice number back, and it rang in Gmail. Wow. The future is here, for free. :)