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California Case Update OT

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fred Sherman, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Fred Sherman

    Fred Sherman Well-Known Member

    Thats not necessarily true. Depends on your agreement. Mine would.
  2. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    Marriage does not count ;-)

    Just out of interest, Fred. Did you receive any kind of compensation for such an agreement?

    If I had an employer that insisted I would agree to handing them the IP of anything I did on my own computer in my own time, using my own money, at any given point during my employment with them, they'd have to really offer me a sweet deal for that to happen.

    I would actually take such a clause as nothing short of being subdued into pure slavery. And knowing that we align on certain issues, I would assume the same would apply to you.
  3. David_

    David_ Active Member

    I'm wondering if this is becoming/has been common practice? I'm wrapping up work on a large project that started almost 2 years ago now and during the debriefing I was informed I would have to sign over ALL files that I worked on for personal and other clients site so they could audit them to see if anything was reused. They got a flat out no on any client files and I told them they'd have to offer me a substantial sum of money to have a look at my personal files and coding. (Which contains nothing similar to anything i've done for them) But regardless, this would be the first time I've encountered such a thing, and I'm waiting to hear back on how they want to proceed with it all.
  4. MikeMpls

    MikeMpls Well-Known Member

    It was a common practice back in mainframe days. The odds that any software I wrote could have been written & tested on any machine other than my employer's (Control Data) Cyber & 6000 mainframes was pretty remote at that time. The advent of personal computing has pretty much undermined such agreements. By the mid 80's Control Data was claiming the right to market any of our home-grown PC software on our behalf, which went over like a lead balloon because nobody trusted them to sell anything that didn't involve a mainframe.

    I last saw one of these agreements around 1999 or 2000 and refused to sign it. I had been doing free-lance work for several years and also had royalties coming in for software developed at the Univ. of Illinois in the late 70s; the agreement was worded in such a way that I would have risked signing everything over. They hired me anyway (still there) and I haven't heard an more about it.
  5. Fred Sherman

    Fred Sherman Well-Known Member

    They did.
  6. Morgain

    Morgain Well-Known Member

    I got an email notification message referring to a Facebook posting by one of the XF team (can't find the post on this thread oddly but never mind). Apparently at least some of the team are having a holiday in Tunisia. WONDERFUL news. Just what they need to do. Someone is giving them excellent advice.

    Absolutely crucial they get a good rest at the moment before going into the really demanding period leading up to the trial in January.
  7. jadmperry

    jadmperry Well-Known Member

    I see it differently. I hope Kier is having a great holiday in Tunisia. Sure, I wish that he or Mike were posting here and reassuring people or giving an update. But, the man is entitled to a personal life (and maybe this is part of fixing any personal problems). It might just be that this holiday gives him some breathing room, space, time to recharge, and it helps him come back strong as ever. Or maybe not. Maybe the whole KAM team worked extremely hard, came up with what seems to be universally acknowledged as the best framework/forum software out there, and then, as part of an elaborate scam, stopped work at a time when minimal input from them would propel this software to even greater heights.

    That seems unlikely, though. What seems more likely is that crushing financial problems, personal problems, or other unknown factors have caused this hiatus. If that is the case, then I am glad if a holiday helps him get his mind off troubles, helps him to "reset", and powers a return. Either way, it works out in one of two ways- this software goes on to greater heights and excels or it does not develop further. Given the great incentive for it to develop further, and given the talent of the team, my bet is on the former. Outside forces might make me wrong. But, in my view, I hope Kier is having a great holiday and it helps him to sort out what is going on. I think that is better than him just suffering and not having any life outside of all the pressure and drama here.

    I am lifting a glass to him having a great time!
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  8. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to guess it might be due to the nature of the employer/customer. Things like "debriefing" sound like government/military.
  9. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    Government / military DO NOT compromise on their contracts. Military are the most rigid and inflexible of all. You meet or exceed the requirements. Government not far behind typically.
  10. Fred Sherman

    Fred Sherman Well-Known Member

    You exceed if you want to keep doing business with them. Meeting expectations means you're one of three vendors to get the RFP.
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  11. mjp

    mjp Well-Known Member

    Maybe they can't. Or have been advised that they shouldn't.

    Their business and livelihood is at stake, so it could be that they are more focused on keeping their mouths shut prior to the court case rather than powdering the bottoms of babies who need reassurance from daddy that everything will be all right.

    Just a thought.

    But I love this thread. It is the Internet in a nutshell. A bunch of people speculating and pontificating about something they don't know anything about. I don't mean that as in insult, it's just human nature. But it's still funny.
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  12. Deebs

    Deebs Well-Known Member

    No lawyer would advise such behaviour and if they did they (the lawyer) would make an announcement to such effect otherwise they would be basically signing up to kill the business. Did Samsung stop talking to its customers during the lawsuit with Apple? No. Actually pick Novell and Sco, that was a long court case, did either company stop communicating? No. See the trend.
  13. David_

    David_ Active Member

  14. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    I dunno, that was a smart post...right there.
  15. Klaas

    Klaas Member

    How can you even try to compare huge companies with loads of cash with a small company in financial (and personal) problems? It'll be interesting to hear what they have to say about it when this is all over.
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  16. mjp

    mjp Well-Known Member

    Mic drop!

    I must have missed those posts from the owners of Samsung on the Samsung forum where they're reassuring everyone that they're still around and work continues on Samsung devices. Do you have a link? I'd like to read them.


    By the way, I'm posting from Tunisia where Kier, Mike, Ashley and I are on a sightseeing trip through Zarzis and Sousse. You've probably seen the pictures on my Instagram account. Kier is a lot of fun, but Mike and Ashley keep bickering. About a dozen times a day Mike will say, "Ashley is a girl's name!" then he giggles and runs away while Ashley swings his bag at him. It's like travelling with Lucy and Ricky, I tell you.

    Yesterday we went for a swim in the Mediterranean and Kier lost his trunks to a sudden undertow. I had to throw him an extra pair of bikini bottoms that I had in my bag (I've been to Tunisia before and I know all about those undertows - I come prepared, byotches!), and we all laughed when he came up out of the water wearing them because they were way too small and everyone knows Kier would never wear baby blue with sunflower appliques. He's all about stripes and polka dots. Cute, but a little 90s for my taste.

    On Wednesday night we had about two dozen bottles of local champagne that tasted like the water used to wash the feet of chimpanzees, and Kier threw his custom Manolo Blahnik-designed MacBook off the balcony into the pool. We laughed so hard we almost peed in our sarongs! Than we remembered that he was in charge of keeping all the travel plans and now they were at the bottom of the pool. We had a meeting Thursday morning over cupcakes and potent local hashish, and decided that we didn't need a stinking itinerary, since we have no plans to leave any time soon anyway.

    Well, I won't bore you with any more stories. If Ashley sees this he's going to cancel my credit card and all we have are one way tickets.
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  17. David_

    David_ Active Member

    At the current rate, if this place makes it to January that'd be a feat in itself.
  18. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    I've missed you mjp.

    Come back and post more often :D
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  19. The Dark Wizard

    The Dark Wizard Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, please never leave again D:. . . The trolls think they run the place.
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  20. AzzidReign

    AzzidReign Well-Known Member

    Pics or it didn't happen.

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