Cache Problem



I had purchase a firewall last week because of the ddos. After firewall I'm having cache issues with xenforo.
My problem is about unread topics and notifications. Eventhough I read them they still show up like I didn't click them.
It happens when I read the topic and turn back to homepage via clicking logo or something on the website but It turns back to normal whenever I click F5.

I was using cloudflare but I deactivated it.
Any thoughts ?

Note : Everything works normal when I activate cloudflare's proxy thing but then my firewall won't work with it.


New member
A firewall isn't generally useful in combating a DDoS. If your origin address is hidden, cloudflare should be able to stop a DDoS. I'm not sure why you're seeing threads not being marked as viewed unless there's some other kind of cache enabled somewhere. Are you caching resources locally somehow?