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Cache files dated hour ahead of server and XF time?


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I set up front end and basic back-end cache in XF, but the directories and files being created are all dated a couple hours ahead.

Is this normal behavior?
Notice in pic below actual time is Monday PM, while files and directory tmp are 4 hours later.

Server time is set right in XF and also is right on the server.

Any comments?

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 9.51.28 PM.png


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FYI, this does not appear to be a XF problem - I have other programs, like my ad banner script, which are writing files 4 hours ahead of the actual time. Yet server time and date are correct.

Any Nix experts welcome!

Ah, thanks to google I think I fixed it. It is a function of the ftp program on the server being off because the conf file for it may not have the use_localtime directive in it!

Described here in case anyone else ever runs into this: