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Only a few days left to launch a new forum. This is why I need your critique, what could be still improved.

This is not a forum which shall earn money one day. It is a forum to make my life (and yours) easier, when I do need new licence and want to buy it second hand.

There are some platforms out there for this, but at least one of them has most often fake offers and those who were not were often too lazy to respond fast. In general, too many sellers are unreliable or slow in responding to PMs. This was and is really a pain in the neck.

So we have learned it the hard way ourselves and want to make it better for everybody. Simple as that.

This is why we pay attention to those details like fast responses etc. If we find out, that this is not the case, we delete or ban the sellers/buyers. This is the only way IMHO to get a good reputation in this field as a reliable and fair platform.

I made excessive help text for finding the right price for Xenforo licences and put a lot of effort in explaining to newbies what they have to pay attention to. The main focus is Xenforo licences, IPB can't be sold anymore and I am not really interested in Vbulletin :)

I have still to work on the free middleman service and hope to have it finished this week.

The target with this platform is: Treat others like you want to be treated.

This is all free and I hope that others will appreciate this effort. I do not want to expand this to an admin forum. It shall only be for buying and selling either licences or complete forums. Keep it simple.

Tell me what you think and what could be improved.


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Also, Google and Facebook registration are broken.


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