Buying resources


I'm still a bit unclear how the workflow works / how to set up paid products with PayPal and Stripe, and using Resource Manager to automatically handle product access.

It looks like the payment stuff happens outside of XenForo.

If so, for new users, how do they get access to the resource in XenForo?
For existing/registered users, how do they get access?

Just wondering what other add-ons I need to make this happen.

Ideally, the user flow would go like this:

Resource page (public) => Click buy => PayPal/Stripe => Back to XenForo => Register/Login => Instant Access


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Paid resources are not hosted here on

You have to use a third party for automatic delivery such as fetchapp, or similar.


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From what I see, people need to register first, and only then are able to order. This could need some improvement.