Buying License today just curious....

When I buy my license how long does it take me to get whatever it is that you get? Like the software or whatever? Is it usually instant(pending the payment goes through without issue) or is there a waiting period.

Also, my license will be used on a brand new domain and I am going to be taking over another Xenforo community and moving it to the new domain.

Will I be able to move their files over to my server and the domain that the license is set with since their licence has now expired and they are no longer wishing to carry on their project?


I used PayPal and their license email arrived before the PayPal confirmation email arrived.
If you use your PayPal balance that is. If you use eCheck it will take longer.

You can always run an instance, and point this instance to a domain.
And you can change this domain at any time.

You can download the version available to that license while it was active.
The latest version right now is 1.1.2, stable.
If that one isn't available to you, you can always consider renewing the license for $40 to get 12 more months of download access to whatever version comes out within those 12 months.


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I would expect you to be able to use the files/database from the "other" site with your new licence, providing you move it all over to your new server/domain and you associate the new domain with your new license in your XenForo customer account section.

I would be worth waiting for some official confirmation of this though. (y)


I don't see why not .. you can use any database with any set of files. As long as the version matches.