XF 1.2 Button offering Preferences selection?


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I am wondering; how would I go about adding a button to the website, perhaps under the menu bar, which when clicked changes an element of the user preferences?

I know how to actually add a button, of course, but so far I have only been able to add a hyperlink to it based on a URL I find on the site.

I want to be able to to offer the users the chance to switch languages by clicking a button on the main interface, rather than having to go into preferences each time, select and then save...

Any hints or ideas about how I can go about this?


Liam W

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You know there is a language selector at the bottom of the page right, next to the style selector?

First thoughts, you would have to link to a separate custom-coded page that changed the language selection, and then redirected back.



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So there is!

Well, that will do for now! I can link that to a button in the menu, to make it more visible.

Thanks a lot for the speedy response, and apologies for my n00bness.