Add-on Business Directory


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I'm looking to get a Business Directory Add-on commissioned
  • I want the home page of the add-on to be a full page map of an area of my choosing and shown empty of pins
  • Down the side of the map I want a list of admin chosen categories. When you click on a category all pins in that category will be shown on the map
  • Clicking through the pins will show all the details of the entry
  • Below the entry, users will be able to leave Star and written reviews.
  • A category view, that can be sorted by rating, will show thumbnails of all items in a category
  • Entries and the addresses will be added by user groups give permission to do so, using forms.
  • Viewing the maps will be user-group permissions also
  • All user reviews shown on a profile tab
Anyone who could develop this please let me know. Cheers