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I purchased your add-on and I'm having an issue with permissions.

In testing I setup two categories, with identical permissions, one minute, one thread for the same user group. When I bump a thread in the first category, it prevents me from bumping a thread in the second category. I then set different bump times for each category, however both categories were locked to the first timer.

I then applied 1min, 1 thread to one user group for the first category and 5min, 1 thread to a second user group for the second category. The user is a member of both user groups. When I bumped one thread, any further attempts gave the one minute timer. In the second category it would not let me bump any threads, and gave the 5 minute timer instead.


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I would greatly appreciate it if you could reply to the above message. I know it's only $2, but it would mean a lot to me if what I paid for would actually work.


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not working for me on 1.4.3
Bump does not appear next the Edit button.
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