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Bulk member management - pruning ,etc.


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I see the admin member search, but can't seem to figure out how bulk actions are performed - for instance, I often "remove all members who have registered over a year ago and never posted" and other such bulk actions.

My existing forum also allows one to delete a member, but assign their posts to an existing member.....

Are such tools available in XF? Is there anything more than I see in User /Search?


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Thanks for the answers - yes, this feature is something my 2003 vintage forum has always had, so it's definitely a wish! Member management is a very important task. Should I post the specifics in a feature request or is it already in the works?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There have already been several suggestions related to bulk user management, I don't recall one being able to reassign all posts by one member to another though.
Although I suppose that could be handled using member merge, which has been suggested.


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My existing stuff gives a dialog when you try to delete a single member who has some posts...it asks if you want to erase the posts or reassign them.....
I've personally never done that - so it's not a must-have feature. It may be just as well to allow assignment to some "generic" entity, so they remain in the forum.
I'll assume the main part of this request, member management, is on the list. The system in EE is pretty simple - it also serves as a forum pruning, - that is, you can delete posts older than X days in any particular forums...as well as deleting members older than a certain date, with a check box that allows you to choose "only members who never posted" in addition to the days old.

I use the topic pruning a lot - for instance, on heated off-topic political forums I do it every month or two. The members know that is done, so they take things a little less seriously when debating politics, etc.
When folks know they are enshrined forever in a topic, they tend to be a bit more unruly.