Fixed Bulk indexing - Content type detection for rest requests is deprecated - (v5.3.x)


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When rebuilding the index, 5.3.x will start throwing these warnings to a logfile <clustername>_deprecation.log;

[2017-05-03T09:04:26,856][WARN ][o.e.d.r.RestController   ] Content type detection for rest requests is deprecated. Specify the content type using the [Content-Type] header.
Someone else encountering it:
When sending requests to this endpoint the Content-Type header should be set to application/x-ndjson.


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I've caught this for XFES 1.1.7. We now send that content-type header whenever we request against the "_bulk" path.

(Talk about a misleading error message though, since we do pass a content type header through, just not the one they expect.)