XF 1.2 Built-in cron tasks frozen

Mike Fara

Active member
This is an odd problem, but it comes with a number of huge changes to our board. The built-in cron has not been updating since the site was set as down and an enormous number of threads were moved around and prefixed. This change was a major one, and a minor bug in XenForo was identified when updating >10,000 threads by @Mike . I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem, where cron has just stopped entirely, and if theres any way to fix it?

I tried manually running each cron job, and it works, but it always says next run time is August 11, 2013. Obviously, today is August 15... I have made an addendum to a previous support request, but I am wondering if anyone has seen this or may know how to remedy it. One thought was the introduction of a large number of feeders may be stalling it, but upon running it, that does not appear to be the case either.