Not a bug Bug? YouTube Media definition missing after upgrade

Affected version
2.0 B7


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Test mirror of prod site, upgraded from 1.5.x to 2.0 Beta 7, the "YouTube" media definition is now missing.

On the upgraded site I was not using any type of media add-ons but I was using a modified YouTube definition (the match URLs and replacement HTML were both modified along with some extra.css to make them fullwidth within the post container).

The posts with the media=youtube tags still have their tags, just not displaying anything.

I saw a bug report about using addons overriding media definitions but in my case there is no add-on, just a modified definition.


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Solved... the"YouTube" definition was associated to an add-on so it falls under the issue Mike described in the other thread.. Apparently it was associated to the add-on by some dummy :whistle: so that the settings could be easily ported between installs.

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