[BS] Scheduled posting [Deleted]

Coooll addon... (y)(y)

Hey new xf coder, Would love to see your commercial addon soon...

P/s : Are you one taking over xenmade? Not?
Would love to see your commercial addon soon...
.unfortunately, at the moment I can only accept payments to the card and in bitcoins. Therefore, in the near future I will not be able to publish my paid add-ons 🤷‍♂️

What surprises me at all is that people want paid add-ons more than free ones :D

P/s : Are you one taking over xenmade? Not?
I do not quite understand you. You mean, am I developing add-ons alone? If you had this in mind, then the answer is yes)
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What surprises me at all is that people want paid add-ons more than free ones :D
Nah, not true :D.
XF1 had so many good free addons, however for XF2 this is not the case. Every little addon became paid, except for some rare cases (like Xon).
So having free addons is great, thank you for your stuff, you have many good addons.

I think what Danny was saying, is, that if your free addons are good like this, we cannot imagine how good your paid addons will be. That is why people are curious.

I do not quite understand you. You mean, am I developing add-ons alone? If you had this in mind, then the answer is yes)
No, there was a famous good developer called @au lait and his brand is called xenmade. Unfortunately, he left the XF scene and all his good addons are gone. Until lately, he announced 2-3 weeks ago that he is handing over his addons to someone unknown.
And coincidentally you started releasing good free addons here on XF. So this unknown developer could have been you who takes over xenmade.
But it seems like this is not the case, just a coincidence.
He has terrible additions that break another forum. Even errors and standard violations are visible on the topics. If by chance you want something to fall off, then use this **** forward
is it possible to schedule recurring contents?

starting from oct the 27th and every 7 days public a new thread (with a progression number or date in the title)
@021 add-on cannot be uninstalled.

"One or more add-ons currently have actions pending and may be in an inconsistent state. Because of this, some errors may be suppressed and unexpected behavior may occur. If this does not change shortly, please contact the add-on author for guidance."
.have you fully installed the add-on? You do not have jobs running?
Can this handle:
  • time of scheduled posting too
  • page which indicates list of scheduled threads/posts?
Scheduled posting
Profile posts
Easily creating your own handler for scheduled posting (for developers)
Create scheduled publications
View scheduled publications

I have not installed it yet.
But i can tell you what i need for working:

Fast add of schedule date/time, no click to much, no unneccesary clicks
(make an option for questions like "do you really want to ..." - some people have no time for this second click and are able to suvive it if the make a fault)

Easy set of "tomorrow 8:00" or "in 12 hours from now" (set up as default by options)
What i have chosen last, should be chosen again. It is in no way acceptable to use any tool to choose a date with a lot of clicks and selects and lala.

When i made a fault, i need to edit the publish time easy and fast i any thinkable way. At the post, at the thread, at a list.

A list with buttons would be nice or checkboxes to manipulate more than one thread/posts.
(I have setup ten posts/threads for 9:00, but they should appear at 10:00, please dont let me click 10*5*2+1*2 clicks

There are maybe more points, but this i remember now.

Just imagine that your daily job is to set up 50 posts/threads for the next day,
and then think about every step, every click, every mouse movement.

Also think about if it could be possible to work with batches and triggers, maybe.

Example: I am the moderator with less time and much work,
and i want that all the threads i do now are sheduled for the same time.
I enter one time date/time - i add threads - i do this as long till i go the button with: stop producing scheduled post/threads.

I am happy that you have coded a free addon for schedule, tahnk you for that, i will install it and test it.
If you want i will tell you more about me experiences while using it.
please add feature to changing owner of post, so admin can create a schedule post for specific member.
I will say this just once.

@kick and @021 we are fully aware of your history with each other and the type of site you are involved in.

Take your feud elsewhere.
Failure to heed this warning will result in account restrictions.
That said, @Brogan , when I read your post I am immediatly reminded to a couple of ex-XF add-on coders which got their butts kicked out of here for good reasons - and I never want to make an experience many had to encounter with the one ending on ivium again. Is it safe to use the [BS] add-ons as he popped up out of nowhere, throwing add-on after add-on in the RM, with the - and I just can assume: not very appealing - history you´ve mentioned?

@021 , mind telling us who you are/were before?
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