[BS] Private user banner [Deleted]

seems to be only possible to change from inside admincp.....was thinking it could be nice to give a user/usergroup permission on this....so members can set their own....although im not sure if i would regret that or not :D

could be nice tho....as a sort of "moods" type addon replacer....or something...hmm

thank you all the same
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021 submitted a new resource:

[BS] Private user banner - Individual banner text for users

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Quite the programmer there, pumping out these add ons quicker than I can test them, and for free, @021. Very nice.

There could be a custom "hidden" banner add on that many forums would appreciate over "member notes" in profiles as it'd pop right out: Staff visible, member banners. That way staff members can see "Problematic User", "Warnings: 1" (whatever mods set it to) upfront without the member themselves knowing and without digging deep into the profile to create notes that we might forget about.

Doable? I'll donate for that one! :)
oh goodness the very concept of this addon is one I have been fantasizing about ever since I first got into Xenforo eons ago. However there is definitely a notable... flaw? Feature?


We use banners extensively on our forum and stack them as well. Giving a member their own personal banner would be the holy grail of banners so I got excited when I saw this addon! But it seems that setting a personal banner does... well, this. It overrides every banner that is applied to a person. Not exactly what I was hoping for unfortunately.

Bringing this to an ideal level would be to allow an individual to have a single banner that I constructed specifically for them, with my choice of styling as well as text.
Not sure how you add the banner, but why not use the "Display styling priority" option so admins can display the banner in any location. If it is possible.
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We found following error
XF\Db\Exception: MySQL statement prepare error [1054]: Unknown column 'xf_bs_private_user_banner.display_order' in 'order clause' in src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php at line [B]217

Any solution?
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Their is a problem in displaying banners in ACP and also in front end.

In ACP, all banners of one user are not showing together ( see attachments) we need all banners of one user under user name in one place, how can we do that?

We set 100 as banner order for all banners, now, what is the sort order for displaying these banners in front end? either alphabetical or creation date? current display is neither alphabetic nor creation date, kindly describe it.

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