Fixed Browser-specific: Rich-text editor grabs focus and scrolls page


I've encountered what appears to be an IE-specific issue. Particularly IE8, as I don't have other versions of IE handy to test. It is reproducible on

On clicking any thread in which you have permission to reply, the new reply editor at the bottom of the page will grab focus and scroll the page down to it. This overrides any "first-unread" scrolling behavior that happens by default, so users cannot get straight to the first unread post on a page, and any new pages they click on, they must also scroll all the way to the top of the page manually.

If the rich text editor is turned off or IE compatibility mode is used, this issue does not occur, but then the formatting buttons and smilie bar is not available.

Any way to fix this?

I've recommended that my users use another browser, but I can understand if somebody is still stuck in IE-land, they would have a pretty poor experience using my forum for this one seemingly minor defect

Thanks :)


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Looks like this is down to IE8 specific selection manipulation/detection. IE8 (and older) doesn't support any of the standard selection management systems. I've tweaked these to fix this issue and I don't think it's broken anything else but if anyone notices, do let us know.


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Hi Mike,

Which version will this fix be released in? I'm running 1.2.0, is there a quick fix that we can do to this version?


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It's in 1.2.2. You can use the Redactor files from this site if you want to fix it.