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Tracy Perry

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Yes, I'm not a "socially correct" person - I like cigars and now I've taken up pipes.
I tried them when I was around 20 (33 years ago) and felt the pipe didn't fit the "look" for younger people (yes, back then I was concerned about that kind of stuff). Now that I'm older - and wiser - I've figured out not to worry about how it looks to other people.
I enjoy sitting out on the back patio with my Kindle and a glass of my favorite beverage and read and smoke a pipe or two for relaxation. I'm finding that I'm enjoying the pipe a LOT more than cigars. The rote of pipe smoking is kind of enjoyable. Not to mention, I can get away with smoking one inside the house, which doing so with a cigar was verboten.

Anybody else a pipe smoker?

I've just started a new site for pipe smokers, and no, it's not based on XenForo due to some requirements I had for add-ons that were not really present for XF. It's an IPS site and I plan on eventually making heavy use of Pages and their Commerce package.
If you are a pipe smoker and would like somewhere to converse about the hobby, feel free to visit us at Pipe Junkie.


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I enjoj in pipe for 3 years now.
Do not like Latakia, but flavor of quality aromatics make my day. I like Sundays fantasy and Signature.
15 pipes are in my collection.
That is me on image, fishing time with pipe smoking


Tracy Perry

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Do not like Latakia, but flavor of quality aromatics make my day
I'm trying out some Dunhill 965 right now. I'm liking it.
I've got tins of the following to try
  • G.L. Pease Gaslight
  • G.L. Pease Quiet Nights
  • Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal Blend
  • Hearth & Home Black House
  • Dunhill Durbar
  • Orlik Golden Sliced
I've got the following on order
  • Lane 1Q
  • Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake
  • Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake
  • Davidoff Royalty
  • Drew Estates Toasted Black Cavendish
  • Dunhill Nightcap
  • Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky
  • Peterson Irish Whiskey
  • Peterson University Flake
  • Hearth & Home Marquee Magnum Opus
I'll be experimenting with all of them trying to figure out what I prefer. Of course, on my cigars I liked 'em leaning toward the Full end of the spectrum. :p
I've got a new 70's Peterson 999 bent Rhodesian coming in.


I already have an estate Kilarney 999 bent Rhodesian (which is also a Peterson pipe).

I also found a Il Ceppo bent egg I liked and ordered (another estate pipe)



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In the beginning I have to try as many as I could find flavors, because I did not know what I will like. Pipe has so many, many, many different flavors.
At the end, I realised that aromatics are for me.

From your list, I tried Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal Blend, Orlik Golden Sliced, Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake, Chocolate Flake, Dunhill Nightcap, Peterson Irish Whiskey.

Maybe Irish whisey and chocolate flake have pass in my pipe, others are not for me.

Some photos from beginning of my pipe adventure...

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg

Tracy Perry

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Some photos from beginning of my pipe adventure...
I see you also are partial to bents. I have a few straight stem ones I got from a flea market. There were about 20 or so in the box which we did a package deal on, 1 of which was the Killarney and then 5 Weber "The Scoops". The Webers are REALLY a nice smoking pipe for what they cost originally - and even better at what I paid for them - on average about $6 each. :p
The rest of the pipes are some "medium grade" ones from the late 60's to early 70's.

I've been tempted to grab some of the Amphora to try. Locally all the shop has is Borkum Riff (it's OK, but not great), Captain Black (much better than Borkum), Prince Albert and a line called Super Value Pipe Tobacco. So, needless to say, most of my buying is online.
I'm not a big fan of aromatics - but my wife is (she likes the room note of them).


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Try Peterson Plum cake (I think it is from Peterson). It smell very good. If it has no latakia, I will be smoking it at least once a day.

But for me, the best tobacco I have tried is Peterson - Christmas Blend 2009.
100 g can full of apples :)


Your site looks pretty cool! Nice logo, btw ;)
I never tried pipe smoking, but I may end up trying someday. New experiences are always good.

Tracy Perry

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Try Peterson Plum cake
Will have to try some after I go through the ones I've got and am getting. I've probably got around $250 in tins and bulk arriving within the next week or so. :eek:

But for me, the best tobacco I have tried is Peterson - Christmas Blend 2009.
100 g can full of apples
Sounds good... other than the apples part. ;)
Only apples I like are Granny Smith and they need some to be peeled, cored and pie dough wrapped around them and cinnamon sugar in the core hole and shoved in the oven to bake. :love:

Your site looks pretty cool! Nice logo, btw ;)
Thanks... I'm still working on it, an the logo is still undergoing revisions. The one that is up now is the nearest to what I like - I'm just trying to find the right font for the text.

I never tried pipe smoking, but I may end up trying someday.
I wish now I hadn't of stopped when I was younger. Some of the pipes I would have "collected" would be true vintage by now. I find the foibles of pipe smoking enjoyable and relaxing.

Tracy Perry

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Is pipe smoking kinda risky as cigars or not at all?
Any tobacco product is risky. But then again, so is living life! Hell, I ride motorcycles - and with our local drivers you can't get much riskier than they grey hairs on the road locally. :coffee:

I'd say (personally mind you) that it's less risky than cigars since you don't have the tobacco (nicotine) touch your lips directly and you don't inhale the smoke. Of course, you get a lot more tobacco impact than with cigarettes due to the amount of tobacco you are using.

Tracy Perry

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Any risk of addiction or not much? I mean, If I only try it once.
You won't get addicted to the nicotine with just trying it once.
And the addiction factor (for me) is overblown. I dipped for a long time (can't get much more of a nicotine impact than Skoal/Copenhagen) and when I decided to quit I just stopped.