XF 2.0 Broken template on Xenforo 2.0 Install


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I did a fresh install of Xenforo 2.0 to upgrade and use the new software as I'm redoing my website. This is what my website now looks like, Admin template looks fine but the actual forum template is messed up, I tried deleting it and letting it create another one, No dice... Any assistance here?



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What is the URL to the site - I get a 500 error for the domain listed against your license.

Are you using CloudFlare?
If so, uncheck the Minify CSS option.


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If it is the CloudFlare issue, it's a CloudFlare bug. They appear to be working on a fix.
I've just had the same error today and yes, I'm using Cloudflare and can get to it fine via IP. Is there any workaround, as I'm using this on production and am currently a bit stuck.