XF 1.5 broken avatar for single user


I have xenforo 1.5.4 (upgrading soon to newest version)

Right now I have a user who has his avatar broken. If he tries to upload a new avatar the process will be all fine as if it had worked, however his avatar picture is broken (404 not found in data directory).

before you ask:
  • it works for everyone else
  • i created a new account and tested this, and it works just fine
  • it's just this one person
  • YES, my directories are CHMOD 0777 (both data and internal_data, recursively)
  • I tried changing his avatar through the admincp, it DOESN'T WORK.

this is what it looks like:

The image URL shows 404 error not found:
myforum . com / /data/avatars/l/115/115365.jpg?1457510087

like that.

any solution to this?
If it's showing a 404, then that would generally point to permission errors. Can you double check the permissions on that directory in question (/data/avatars/[s|m|l]/115/)?
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