Brogan is the best!


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Yes, as moderators go, Brogan is one of the good ones. Always on the ball clearing up and merging multiple threads, and always willing to help, and seems to be pretty fair and level-headed. So I'll second the OP :)


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Brogan is the best, thanks for helping me out man! I really appreciate it. Its cool how you are always someway in every support thread helping someone out with a problem, and the coolest thing is you provide screenshots which is even more cool. Anyways thanks for fixing the problem I had on my forum. You are the best!
ill drink to that.
i think brogan has been the first to respond -with a solution at that- to every support thread i have started, despite me getting snarky with him on occasion. that does not go unnoticed.


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Well im just thanking the person I got help from and that I know, if i was helped by "jake" i would mention him to, but I dont know him.