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There seem to be two ways people are federating forums. I'd be happy with either one really, or a different method you dream up. I just like federation.

1) The singular timeline. Users "subscribe" to various forums: neogaf, ign, stevehoffman, the forum you run, et. al., and then popular threads appear in their fediverse timeline. This replicates the experience of joining facebook groups or reddit subs, where interesting threads from followed communities are pushed to the user. An example with activitypub.

2) Community-owners pick and choose forums from other communities to display alongside their own. The founder of Lemmy made an adorable demo of the idea,


This looks like a regular forum index except one of the forums, "lemmyBB", is not local. It exists on an entirely different community with different users, yet both local and foreign users can post within that forum. Imagine adding stevehoffman's "audio hardware" forum to your tech community, or realcavsfans adding a forum from kingsfans for some healthy NBA debate.
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Something like Wordpress's ActivityPub plugin would be amazing. For those of us who use article posts to create news forums and portals, making it possible for our users in the Fediverse (and Threads, when it eventually adds ActivityPub support) to directly follow us would make things a whole lot simpler.
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