Bridging XF possible ?

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Hi all,

I know XF was bridged quite easily with WP, now i am working on a new project and am using a 3rd party script for the main site, but would like to use XenForo for the forum section, the only problem i have right now is that currently users would need to lots of login details / two separate accounts to access the two different sections...

Can XF be bridged easily with a third party script ? if so could someone lead me in the right direction in terms of a basic guide etc.. basically i just need the usernames / passwords to work from both scripts.

OR..... is there a developer out there that i can hire to complete this task for me ?

PS.. this project is currently on my localhost and will be uploaded to a new Domain in 4-5 days time (this would be when i would be hiring someone, if i can not figure this out by then, please ensure that you are free around this time if you do indeed contact me regarding this bridging job).

Regards, Darren