Bridging WordPress and Xenforo [Opinions Needed Re: XPress/XLink and other add-ons please.]


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Hey you all - I'm in the process of bridging a WordPress install with Xenforo. Ideally - login will be shared between the two platforms, as well as seamless integration from WP Articles to XF posts and vice verse. We'd also like to show some XF content on the main WP homepage and perhaps vice verse with WP articles shown either via widget or otherwise to XF sidebar or some such.

I know there are a few options- but I'm looking for opinions/feedback in regards to the ThemeHouse XPress/XLink add-on. Anyone recommend it or have any other commentary about your use with it? Please share.

We're also looking into a few additional WP/XF bridge add-ons - so any comments from those with experience working with them - the info share and opinions will greatly be appreciated. Thanks!



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I’ve used the Xpress for around a year now but am just recently really using the full bridge features. So far I’m a fan. I see issues when users start to heavily tinker with add-ons and such but on our site it’s been rather stable so far. We have WP, XF, and Wiki all running.

The main reason we use it is to share the theme. Our users never know there are three different pieces of software being ran unless they look at small details.....items such as copyright and so forth. We’ve just started to tinker with sharing posts and so far it’s rather easy to do.


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Unless it's changed recently, the big limitation with XPress is that the primary login needs to be in Xenforo, not WordPress. So if a member registers with the forum and logs in that same login can be used for WordPress but not vice versa.